Santa Claus is coming…

Here you have a link of this children’s version of ‘santa claus is coming to town’, it’s the same version
sung by the children of the school where I did my practicum.



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Learning second language

There are several hypotheses about learning a second language:

  • When the second language is learned before the puberty we use the first language mechanism.
  • When we learn a language we encode the meaning, if we learn a new idiom after, we will transfer this cues. If the cues are very different it could hinder our learning.

Using the Internet as an ESL  can help to improve our teaching practice every day because it can be new and refresh to our students


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Use of Web 2.0 in your ESL classroom

Information and Communication Technology has been with us for decades. I
remember the English class with cassette when I was a child; however, I am
studying a degree by using ICT with subjects in English language now.

ICT can offer the learner classrooms out of the routine at their first uses, classes
are more interactive, they can learn other subjects in English. They will be able
to do different exercises every day with the computer. They will hear varied
accents. The tasks will be more collaborative and creative for students and
teachers, and ITC helps students to personalize their learning.

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ITC helps teachers to make their material to the classroom; it offers skills, specific information, professional advice an administrative support.

There are a lot of internet pages with exercises to improve the vocabulary with games. You can practice the phonetic with a microphone in your computer and you can hear your intonation after. You can fill in gaps to practice the grammar in many training exercises in the computer.




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